Winter in California-How To Stay Prepared For The Hot Days and Cold Nights

Winter in California can be confusing. It seems like the weather changes by the hour. Mornings might start out cold, afternoon are often scorching hot, and by night time the weather can be extremely chilly (by California standards). Here are some tips that may help you overcome the temperature change!

  • Wear layers
  • As you progress throughout the day, the weather may get chilly. Make sure to bring a jacket with you and pair it with a light t-shirt under it.

  • Wear lighter colors
  • When you are outside in the hot heat during the day, lighter colors will help you feel cooler as it absorbs less sunlight.

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Keep your body temperature low in the daytime by drinking water!

  • Program your thermostat
  • Program your thermostat so that it’s placed on auto. This way, your house can be at the optimal temperature that is to your liking!

  • Dress up your windows
  • Replace your thin curtains for heavier ones, as this will keep your house warmer and will retain heat.