Staying Healthy in the Winter Season

The holiday season is packed full with delicious pumpkin spiced and peppermint treats and hearty meals, however, it’s important to remember that even during the busy holiday season, health should be prioritized. Here are some ways to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Avoid Eating Too Many Treats

This one is obvious, but it’s important to get rid of the mindset of “I deserve this treat!” Although walking around the mall counts as exercise, we tend to miscalculate how many calories we may have burned off. Here’s a fun fact: You would have to walk for six hours to burn off one Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll.

Stop Overeating and Drink Less Alcoholic

One way to reduce consumption is to start with smaller plates. Using smaller plates may help to minimize portions, as we often tend to serve according to our plate size. If you do make the switch to smaller plates, definitely skip seconds, otherwise you may end up consuming way more than you intended. If you are consuming alcohol, try to limit it to 2 glasses and alternate with glasses of water to stay hydrated.


Find different ways to exercise during the holiday season. If you are staying at a hotel, take advantage of the hotel’s gym or pool. If you are traveling to an area near a beach, go for a walk or jog outside and take in the outdoor surroundings. Try cycling outside or incorporate yoga and stretching into your daily routine.