Is Fermented Food Good for your Digestive Health?

Science shows us that our stomach does more than merely digest food. Scientists have only recently explored several different roles that the stomach plays in your overall health—supporting the plethora of roles that have yet to be discovered. The stomach not only digests food, but also kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and worms that are harmful to the body. It does this while allowing the good bacteria to pass through the body.

So, what happens when the stomach acid is not operating correctly? You get sick. Research shows that over time, a person’s stomach evolves to be less acidic, which is why it is important to constantly provide the stomach with a constant source of healthy bacteria - largely in the form of fermented foods.

Here are some reasons why fermented foods are so great for your overall health!

  • 1. Fermented foods heal the intestinal tract from damage and restore ideal health
  • 2. Good bacteria from fermented foods provide enzymes which support in digestion
  • 3. Lactic acid bacteria fuel and support the immune system
  • 4. Fermenting and culturing your own food is inexpensive and easy
  • 5. Lactic acid bacteria combat off pathogenic bacteria
  • 6. Fermented foods promote dental health

Feeling like your digestive track needs a boost? Try adding these common fermented foods to your diet: sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, pickles, miso, tempeh, natto, kimchi, raw cheese, and yogurt.