Holiday Gifts For Health Junkies

The holidays are here again! Lights are going up, college students are packing their bags to return home, and the faint smell of pumpkin pie and cinnamon drifts across the nation. In the distance, you can hear the faint rustling of gift wrap and the squeaking of a thousand shopping carts racing down the aisle to find the biggest and best turkey. This time of year brings joy and a sense of togetherness, but can also bring stress as you search for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you need to find a gift for the fitness family member or the paleo pal in your life, we have found some great ideas!

Cookbooks for their Diet

Whether your friend cuts carbs, loads up on protein, or lives a vegetarian lifestyle, there is a cookbook out there full of delicious recipes to fit their needs. Visit your local bookstore to see all the options available to surprise the savvy chef in your life.

A Lunchbox for Adults

One way people eat healthier is by bringing their own lunch to work. This helps them to avoid hitting up the drive thru. There are several lunchboxes that can help the fitness fanatic pack better, but they’re not like what we had in elementary school. You can find lunch boxes with adjustable compartments, insulated lunchboxes, crock-pot lunchboxes, and small containers specifically for fruits and vegetables. The coworker on a diet will thank you!

A Sports Bottle that Blends Fruits/Veggies

The Oster My Blend is the perfect, cost effective gift for your friend who enjoys runs, hiking, and fresh smoothies. You just fill the bottle with ice and your favorite fruits and veggies, push to blend, take the bottle, and go! It’s also easy to clean.

A Multipurpose Gadget for Your Keys

Keyport is a startup that makes specialty multipurpose tools. One of these tools can accommodate all of the keys and dongles on your keychain in a small, compact unit that can fit in the tiny pockets in your running jacket. No more jingling keys on the treadmill or getting poked in the side while deadlifting!