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July 12, 2016

Should I see a Nutritionist, Health Coach or Registered Dietitian (RD)?

When it comes to our everyday life, many of us become caught up with the needs of family, friends, work, and school. As a result, this pushes our health and dietary concerns to the side. To help combat such struggles, many individuals are seeking the guidance and assistance of a Registered Nutritionist, Health Coach or Dietitian to help put them on track. They help individuals navigate the ins and outs of nutritious eating and adopting a healthier lifestyle!

What is a Nutritionist, Health Coach or Registered Dietitian?

Generally, these are trained experts in food and nutrition with specialized training in the nutritional management of specific clinical conditions. Such specialists have met the national standards for education and training in their field. They can be found in an array of facilities, such as fitness centers, schools, hospitals and medical practices. In many cases, they can be an integral part of your healthcare team.

Who needs a Nutritionist, Health Coach or a Registered Dietitian?

For many individuals, it can be a personal decision to receive guidance from such professionals. In some cases, a physician will refer patients to the specialist they believe their patient will benefit from one-on-one counseling and individualized diet plans.

What can you expect to accomplish with their guidance?

The first visit with the expert will most likely run for approximately twenty minutes to an hour. The first portion of the appointment you will discuss your lifestyle, eating habits, and medical history. If weight is an issue, you’ll be queried about your weight history, weight loss programs you have strained, indulgent foods of choice, and weight ambitions.

Your nutrition expert will begin by explaining the basic dietary needs recommended for you. Together you will come up with a way to apply the recommendations in your everyday life. Upon leaving, you should have set goals and an array of materials to help support what you discussed -- as well as a way to get in touch for additional questions.

How do you find the Nutritionist, Health Coach or Registered Dietitian that's right for you?

Ask your physician to recommend a registered dietitian. inSite Digestive Health Care provides a variety of nutritional services. For more information, speak to your gastroenterologist about nutrition services offered at the office.