The Best Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have a smart phone, you know that there is an app for just about anything; from games to shopping to car maintenance, and more. Among these helpful and entertaining apps, there is an entire suite of apps geared towards helping people live their healthiest life. Thanks to the little miracle of technology we carry in our pockets, living a healthy lifestyle has been made easier than ever. We have compiled a list of the best healthy lifestyle apps available for download.

HealthyOut: Everyone loves being treated to a night out, but balancing a visit to your favorite restaurant and dietary restrictions can be tricky. HealthyOut allows you to search your zip code and narrow down your restaurant options based on the dietary restrictions you input. The app also shows dietary information for each menu item at all the restaurants listed.

MyFitnessPal: This diet tracker app helps you look up the nutrition and calorie count of the foods you consume. You can easily search for your chosen food in the search bar, or scan the barcode on the food’s packaging. The app gives the user an easy-to-read breakdown of where the calories of their food come from: carbohydrates, fat, and protein. The app also allows you to set your own goals and shows you your progress toward those goals.

Forks Over Knives: This is an app for all the chefs looking to get fit. Forks Over Knives gives the user 200 whole-food, plant-based recipes from famous chefs. The app walks the cook through each recipe, and even includes photos of each dish to help you choose what you would like to eat! You can also make notes on each recipe, earmark your favorites, and add ingredients to your shopping list!

Yonder: Have a case of wanderlust? Don’t forget to download this app before your next adventure. Yonder helps you find and share outdoor hikes and trips based on your location and interests. You can choose from categories like backpacking, biking, skiing, swimming, and more to plan your next memorable adventure. You can also keep in touch with other Yonderers through the app to see where the places they explore and what they have to say. Don’t forget your water bottle and hiking boots!

First Aid by American Red Cross: When accidents happen, you want to be prepaid. First Aid allows you to walk through virtual first aid scenarios to test your preparedness and first aid knowledge. You can also learn how to safeguard your home. The app even allows you to call 911, if you find that the situation needs more than your help alone.